Move to close down Karachi’s Do Darya food street sparks unease

KARACHI: (media92news) The Do Darya food street set up along the city’s coastline is on the verge of closure to pave the way for some upcoming high-end, seafront residential and commercial projects in Defence Phase VIII.

With hashtags #DoDarya, #SaveDoDarya doing rounds on social media, many citizens seem totally dejected at the idea of losing this scenic location to upscale developments.

Unlike the food streets in other parts of the city, the 1.5-kilometre-long food street offers a fine dining experience along with cooling sea breeze and scenic views and attracts visitors from all over Karachi and many foreigners.

Around 10 years ago, this barren area was notorious for drugs and other crimes. People feared to venture on this side and those who had bought plots in Phase VIII often dreaded the decision.

However, the investors who leased the spots at Do Darya took the risk and set up their food outlets in an outdoor setting. The concept took off and there was no looking back.

A Do Darya restaurateur said: “This place was barren. We were given a lease for five years [by the Defence Housing Authority]. We were given the assurance that it would be extended for another 20-25 years. We made sure to set up the place, bring value to the area and have thousands of people coming in every weekend.

“DHA had informed us that the lease would not be renewed, so we filed a case against them in 2014 and got a stay order … the tenure of that stay order is set to finish in about two months,” he said, requesting anonymity.

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