Govt likely to present budget amendments on September 18: sources

ISLAMABAD: The government is likely to present amendments to the budget in a National Assembly held on September 18, sources informed Geo News on Thursday.

A Senate session will be held on the same day in the evening.

According to sources, a joint Parliament session is expected to be held on Monday evening. President Arif Alvi will address the session.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier issued directives to postpone they joint Parliament session by two days following the death of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s wife.

Members of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) — headed by Nawaz’s brother Shehbaz Sharif — had requested for the postponement, citing their engagement with the last rites of Begum Kulsoom.
Government to make significant amendment to Finance Bill 2018-19: sources

On Wednesday, sources had informed Geo News that the PTI-led government will make a significant amendment to the Finance Bill 2018-19 along with changes to the amnesty scheme introduced by the previous government.

According to sources privy to the matter, the PML-N government had introduced tax exemption for annual income up to Rs1.2 million. The new government will reduce the slab from Rs1.2 million to Rs0.8 million, sources said.

Furthermore, recommendations will be made to increase tax revenue. The government will also propose the imposition of a one per cent regulatory duty on all import items.

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