September 8, 2018 - 2018 US Open Women's Singles Champion Naomi Osaka speaks to the media.

US Open: 10 top quotes

Ten top quotes from the 2018 US Open which ended on Sunday:

‘You´re a thief’

"You´re a thief. You´re attacking my character. You will never, ever be on another court of mine. You are the liar.”

— Serena Williams to umpire Carlos Ramos in the women´s final against Naomi Osaka

‘Maybe I´ll play video games’

"I´m not really a social person like that. Maybe I´ll play video games.”

— Osaka on plans to celebrate her title

‘Not into bad stuff’

"How do you know I´m not into bad stuff?”

— Osaka jokes with reporters over her innocent demeanour

‘Through difficult times’

"To the support of the loved ones, my kids, my wife, my small team of people that has been there with me through difficult times as well.”

— Novak Djokovic after his third US Open title and 14th Slam

‘I hate to retire’

"I hate to retire but that was not a tennis match at the end. It was just one player playing, the other one staying on the other side of the court.”

— Rafael Nadal after retiring with a right knee injury in his semi-final against Juan Martin del Potro

‘Felt like King Kong’

"I was getting a monkey off my back. Felt like King Kong was on my back there for a while.”

— Jack Sock on winning his first singles match since May

‘Used ice’

"I just tried to cool down between games, used ice. I´m just thinking I´m on the beach, I have a margarita in hand, life is good.”

— Caroline Wozniacki on the heat problems after seeing off Samantha Stosur on a sweltering Arthur Ashe Stadium

‘Heat stroke’

"I had heat stroke. I was not going to die on the court, tennis is not for that.”

— Argentina´s Leonardo Mayer after quitting his first round match.

‘Two against one’

"It was two against one last time. This time, it should be more fair.”

— Venus Williams on meeting Serena in the final of the Australian Open in 2017 when her sister was pregnant with daughter Olympia

‘Sweat so much’

"I´ve never seen Roger sweat so much.”

— John Isner on the humidity even affecting Roger Federer at the US Open

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